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Have I done enough?

The question you must ask yourself every day is: "Have I done enough to make the world a better place"? For 17 years Regina did not do enough. She needed help to overcome a drug addiction that threatened to ruin her life. Instead, by the grace of God, she overcame her addiction and is doing everything in her power to make up for lost time.  


As you will see with her ministries below, she is on a serious mission to spread her message of HOPE. Just as Daniel rose out of the Lion's den, Regina is serious about her ministries, rising just like Daniel with the help of God and the willpower of a Tiger. By investing her own time, money and resources, she wants to create a world where people know that there is hope. As you read the details of each ministry, remember the question from a few seconds ago. "Have I done enough today"?  We would love for you to get involved with one of the ministries with a donation of your time, ideas or even money

The lion's den

The Broken Cup Club

Regina knows what it feels like to be broken without any hope. The broken cup club is a ministry designed for people who feel lost. In this ministry, Regina travels to prisons, homeless shelters, and communities to speak and uplift people who feel broken.

Addiction Support Group

If you ever hear Regina speak, more than likely you will hear her speak on how her mother loved her out of addiction. Because of the unconditional love and support her mom showed, it gave Regina the courage to face her self in the mirror and ultimately face her drug addiction. In this support group, Regina teaches family members how to strategically love their addicted loved ones. 

Round Table Ministry

In a way that nobody can, Regina's Round Table Ministry is one that connects with at-risk youth like you have never seen before. Regina has a way of building lasting and impactful relationships with youth and then using that relationship to critically think and discuss real issues. She teaches and talks with youth about the importance of staying away from drugs and many other topics.

Empowering James Ministry

Regina serves as the Founder and Executive Director of the Empowering James Foundation. She started this program because she noticed as she traveled the country speaking that people who have made mistakes in their life were struggling to find companies to employ them. With the help of her son, James, they started this program to help people with criminal records to find jobs.

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